How to do 80s hair, make up and dress up for a party

How do you dress up in 80’s style? Let me show you!

I recently attended an 80’s party and went through the process of searching for the perfect 80’s outfit and boofing out my hair to 80’s mega proportions.

80’s Hair -Big, boofy, over processed with LOTS of volume:

wet curly hair 80s style

Wash your hair and turn your head upside down while you scrunch lots of mousse in the roots.  This will give you volume and texture for when you back comb it later. It’s all about the products you use that make 80’s hair so big.

taft mousse 80s australia hair volume product extra strong hold

Taft mousse spray pump foam

mousse in curly hair scrunch 80s

After I applied the mousse, I blowdryed my hair upside down with a diffuser attachment. Diffusers space out the hot hair and dry a little slower with less pressure so it helps to make curly hair even curlier or add volume to roots if you have short hair.

breville avanti hair dryer diffuser white aqua

I have naturally curly hair so it made it easy for me to get it to crazy big 80’s volume. If you have straight hair, I would recommend using a curling iron or bendy curling rollers to curl your hair really tightly after adding the mousse to the roots. Don’t forget to spray about half a can of hair spray all over your hair and don’t be afraid to comb, comb and comb that hair back to boof it out anyway you can.

how to dry curly hair with a diffuser upside down

Use more mousse or curling gel to scrunch the hair as you use the diffuser to get bigger, fluffier curls.

80s hair style curly bandana scarf bow

Put a bandanna or a scarf in your hair for a super 80’s look and to help keep your crazy 80’s hair out of your face.

80s hair style curly bandana scarf bow

Time to pump up that fringe 80’s style!

Spray your fringe with hairspray. LOTS of hairspray! Take a comb and back comb down the hair towards the roots. Your fringe will get nice and puffy and then you can gently comb it a little smoother while still maintaining the volume. Try and puff it out into a round fringe if  you can!

PRO TIP: 80’s fringes were huge and stood up tall! To get this look lay your fringe out flat on your bathroom bench with your nose on the bench too. Spray your fringe with so much hairspray that it sticks to the bench and is very stiff. Back comb to your hearts content and watch your hair go heavenwards!

how to tease 80s hair fringe bangs big back comb

Here are some 80’s hair style examples:

How to do 80’s Make up:

Colour and lots of eyeliner is where it’s at!

I wanted an authentic but not too over the top look so I lined my eyes top, bottom and in the water line. Think Princess Diana… and Madonna of course. I used Stilla Smudgestick eyeliner.

80s black eyeliner

For my eyeshadow I used an Inglot light gold eyeshadow all over my lids and then used emerald green in the far corners to give a subtle 80’s look and make my eyes pop.

A lick of mascara, red or bright pink lipstick plus some dark eyebrows and you’re done!

80s green eyeshadow eye make up pretty

80s green eyeshadow eye make up pretty

80’s style costume:

I went a little street punk in my style. I wore a paisley bandana in my hair, a paisley shirt, 3/4 leggings, a cool courdroy overalls dress, white slouch socks and black ankle sneakers. So 80’s! Radical man!

80s dress up overall dress skirt corduroy ankle boots hair make up leggings 80s dress up overall dress skirt corduroy ankle boots hair make up leggings dress up fancy dress 80s dress up style curly hair paisley shirt 80s dress up style curly hair paisley shirt 80s dress up style make up and hair

Other theme options are:

  • Aerobics – lots of fluro, slouch socks, side ponytails and, if you’re daring, lycra bike shorts with a leotard over the top!
  • Prom – Go to an opshop and pick up a taffeta, big shouldered 80’s party dress.
  • Office – You need a powersuit! Shoulder pads, square toed and heeled shoes and loosely brushed curled hair with a rounded fringe. Don’t forget to add a brooch to your lapel for extra style points!
  • Character – Pick a character from your favourite 80’s movie or a musician. Madonna is an easy one with fingerless gloves, long necklaces, tank tops and a ruffle mini skirt. Adam Ant, George Michael, Michael Jackson or Maverick are some good options for the guys.

What will you wear to your 80’s party? Let me know if this tutorial helped you!

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3 Responses to How to do 80s hair, make up and dress up for a party

  1. Melissa says:

    More eyeshadow in the 80s blue and green we wrote loss of mascara and blue and green eyeshadow even pink girl u should’ve teased that hair that’s how u get big hair lol

  2. Mom of two says:

    thank you so much my kid was having a day at school to be dressed up like the 80s if you were not there I would have a panic attack so thank you!!!

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