Stilla Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

I wear eye liner and mascara every day as part of my usual beauty routine. I’m lucky to have thick long lashes naturally, but I still look quite different without some liner to enhance my eyes.

When I was in America this year I spent some quality time at Sephora and tried a few different eye liners. I was using Clinique Quickliner Intense at the time and considered buying it again because I liked it and it was cheap at Sephora, but I decided to try something new.


I gave the Marc Jacobs eye liner a whirl on my hand and really liked it but the sales lady told me that she didn’t think that was the best one and she has heard some bad reviews on it. She recommended Stilla Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner. I’m really impressed with it at the moment!

Stilla_smudge_stick_waterproof_eye_linerStilla_smudge_stick_waterproof_eye_linerIt has great dark coverage and is a soft and gentle to apply. It is quite similar to the Clinique Quickliner but a litter darker and richer I think.

It is a wind up stick that is easy to use, however one of the main things that bugs me about it is that it doesn’t come with a sharpener or a smudge wand. Both of those features are pretty standard in eye liners. I would have really expected the smudge wand to come with this since it is a smudgey pencil! Not having a sharpener is also annoying if I want to draw wings on my liner – this just makes it short, fat and stumpy.

You can see in this photo the beautiful dark line it gives. I usually just draw it on top of my lash line, however you could try and smudge it with a cotton bud which kind of rubs it off (not the same as a smudge wand so you could grab a cheapy eye pencil from priceline to get a rubbery smudge wand if you wanted it instead.

Stilla_smudge_stick_waterproof_eye_liner Stilla_smudge_stick_waterproof_eye_liner

While it says it’s waterproof, I find it really easy to get off with my normal eye make up remover. As you could see in the dry cotton bud swipe photo above, it rubs off fairly well too, even easier with water of course. Although, if you were crying or took a bath, it wouldn’t budge from your eyes unless you wiped it with a tissue or your hand.

I really like the Stilla Smudge Stick as well as the Stilla liquid eyeliner (that I will write about eventually) and would happily purchase again.

You can purchase Stilla Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Australia from Mecca Cosmetics for about the same price as Sephora in USA – about $26.

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