Weekend Markets Need The Perfect Basket

The sun is shining through the curtains, your fridge is empty and the coffee pangs have hit on a lazy weekend. You pull on your favourite jeans or dress and head out to pick up some fresh supplies. There are so many beautiful fresh food markets in Melbourne and around Australia. We are such a blessed country aren’t we!

I love the vibe of markets and seeing people meeting the growers and mingling with the community. It’s almost as good as going on holiday and I feel like I’m in France or Italy again.

When I go to the market, I usually struggle to carry around my many bags with bits and bobs that I pick up. I’m a sucker for a big fresh bunch of celery, so juggling that with cartons of eggs, flowers, cheese, sausages, strawberries, bread and fresh local honey means that my hands are a wreck from my shopping bags digging in. Plus, egg cartons and heavy things never sit well in bags. Sometimes a market trolley is really a pain to get through busy crowds or in markets that are on gravel surfaces (Gepps Cross Market in Adelaide comes to mind).


I have found the answer to making market shopping more comfortable, practical and beautiful – A Market Basket! With sturdy and very soft leather handles, my Market Basket Co. french-style basket is made from light hand-woven palm leaves and is very strong. The Moroccan leather handles don’t dig into my arm or hands, I can see everything that is in my basket at a glance, and navigating the bustling crowds is a breeze. Plus, my flowers and celery don’t get squished like they do in bags! I would recommend putting an old plastic bag at the bottom of the basket to protect it and keep it dry when you add your fresh fruit in… particularly celery!

This style of basket is imported by the Market Basket Co. from Morocco and the style has been used in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years. So chic! They have lots of other styles and colours to choose from on their website or from Market Basket Co. stockists around Australia.

I can vouch for the fact that this basket turns heads, because a man told me I looked very beautiful as I was shopping at the market. I bet nobody has ever been told that while toting a squeaky market trolley! Ha ha. 
The_market_basket_company_australia_woven_basket_red_leather_handles_person_shopping_beauty_chattette The_market_basket_company_australia_woven_basket_red_leather_handles_person_shopping_beauty_chattette

The_market_basket_company_australia_woven_basket_red_leather_handlesThe_market_basket_company_australia_woven_basket_red_leather_handles The_market_basket_company_australia_woven_basket_red_leather_handlesThe_market_basket_company_australia_woven_basket_red_leather_handles

If you are looking for markets to visit, here is a list of markets in Australia that I love:




My basket is the Mia Basket in Raspberry $49. I absolutely adore it! It’s the perfect birthday or Christmas present for someone who has everything too.

The Market Basket Co import a wide range of baskets to use for markets, storage, picnic, hampers and the beach so check out the range of high quality classic woven baskets from The Market Basket Co. and join them on Facebook for market updates and competitions.

My beautiful basket was provided to me for review.

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