Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Skin Mask – Review

Hello hydration!

I was looking for a new deeply hydrating facial mask since I ran out of my Dermatalogica. I’m a sucker for trying new things and headed along to Kit Cosmetics to seek the advice of the ladies there. I let them know I had sensitive skin that is a little bit combination but leans towards dry these days thanks to air conditioning in my office. They recommended Origins Drink Up Skin Mask for me over the Origins Drink Up Intense mask in a dark green tube because that one may have irritated my skin .


Let me tell you the things I love about this mask and why I have fallen in love with it.

  1. It’s a 10 minute mask
  2. When 10 minutes is up, you just wipe it off with a tissue and leave it on your skin so no need to follow up with a moisturiser. It’s so beautiful!
  3. It smells like apricots and spring time and happiness!
  4. It’s particularly lovely to use before bed because you will wake up with plump juicy skin and the smell will give you sweet dreams
  5. It does a great job!

I usually cleanse my face and put this on at least once a week. It’s creamy but you’ll be amazed how fast your skin will drink it up if you’re dehydrated like I am.

If you are about to head on a long haul flight, I highly recommend putting the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute mask in a little jar to take onboard (don’t forget international liquids in hand luggage rules) and absorb. It can get dry up there in the sky and your skin will thank you.

I had never heard of Origins before to tell you the truth, but they are owned by Estee Lauder and are their “natural” positioned brand. The brand is bigger in the USA than here in Australia and I really enjoyed visiting their stores on my recent trip. I learnt a lot about their full range of products and how they work closely with Dr Andrew Weil in his own line of products. I visited their store in Boston and they offer FREE facials which are so nourishing when you have been on and off planes for days on end. The beautiful staff talk you through the products and how to apply them which I found really useful. I was given an eye cream sample and it is definitely something I am going to be buying when I run out of my current supply. One product I was particularly interested in was the Super Spot remover and I wish I had have asked for a sample of it to take home and try outside of the beautiful facial I was given.

So there you have it. A little more of a background on Origins and on the beautiful Drink Up 10 Minute Mask. Available from Kit Cosmetics for $34. 


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