NP Set Bundle Packs

Do you love that feeling when you get something you need with a little added bonus? Tingles, thrills and excitement is what I feel… don’t tell me I’m the only one!

NP set bundle packs

NP Set have released bundle packs of some of their best products. I love this for a few reasons:

  1. They are great value! Some of the bundles are much cheaper than the RRP for one of the products in it alone!
  2. Buy something you need (eg eyeliner) and get an extra product you may also need or  something new to try and enjoy. Yippee
  3. Need to buy a present for someone? Bingo! You’ve found a great practical present that they will love!
  4. More NP Set products to add to your beauty bag. Woo!

There are currently 4 sets to choose from (or don’t choose and get them all).

Serum and Liner $25 – Grab this one for fresh skin and glam eyes. The serum is $33 on it’s own, so this is amazing value. Every girl needs to add a good serum to their skin routine! The NP Set serum is light weight and includes natural ingredients to moisturise.

Lip and Nail $10 – Put the finishing touches on your look with subtle polish and lip shine

Fab Eyes $15 – Eye are a great asset to enhance. NP Set’s Pasarella Mascara (RRP $20 on its own so already this set is saving you money!) combined with Eye Primer (Usually $19 on it’s own) to make shadow sit nicer with jojoba and rosehip, are a great combo.

Loose Powder and Shimmer Duo $19 – Stop that shine and add some well placed shimmer

NP Set and these new value bundles, can be found at Target, Big W, Myer and other retailers in Australia.


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