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I’ve always been an au-natural girl but occasionally joke about how one day im gonna fix my bingo wings and my turkey neck…. I probably will…. far in the future… With Kim Kardashian and her plastic-fantastic family making cosmetic surgery more mainstream these days (not quite as cat like as the ruined celebrities of old *cough* Joan Rivers *cough*), I guess it’s interesting to know what treatments they are getting. There are some people in life, of course, with real issues like sagging skin, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, birth marks and so on. Thankfully, those issues can be treated in this day and age.

I was invited to attend a VIP night with Dr Michael Rich and his team at EnRich Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Armadale to learn more about the services and treatments they offer. It was such a welcoming environment and the team all felt like one big family (one big, very smart, very caring, very good looking family). Dr Michael Rich is one of the top and most trusted dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in Melbourne. The EnRich clinic has been running for over 20 years with many of the staff being with him for decades.

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We were taken through the various services and treatments offered.  I was amazed at how many state of the art machines they had on hand for all kinds of treatments! I had no idea so many existed!

The Fraxel machine works to combat freckles, pigmentation, improve complexion and tighten skin. First local anesthetic is applied and then the fraxel works on the skin which will come up red for a few days, then peel to reveal beautiful skin. I know someone that had this done and their sun damaged skin has looked 100x better ever since. It can cost around $900 a treatment and may require maintenance every so often.

enrich clinic fraxel machine melbourne

We were shown different types of fillers that are used in cheeks, lips and all kinds of gaps.  It was interesting to feel the different textures of the fillers ourselves and they reminded me of gel candles if you break them up. One was thicker for denser fillers in cheeks for example, and the other was thinner for lips. We learnt that botox is never ever used inside the lips, it’s actually filler. Filler can also be disolved if a mistake is made or you don’t like the results. The EnRich team mentioned that they see a number of patients that have come to them after different clinics have made a mistake and the patient needs it rectified.

Here is what the filler looked like when rubbed on the back of my hand. Clear soft gel:

what does cosmetic filler look like gel

The clinic also does botox which is used to fix crows feet, frown lines, lift the brows and even something I hadn’t heard of called massetors to make a very angular shaped face more heart shaped. Apparently that procedure is very popular with Asian faces. The other amazing thing about Dr Michael and the EnRich clinic, is that they can use botox to reduce severe sweating and it is covered by a medicare rebate and is the only place in Melbourne where this procedure is covered thanks to Dr Michael’s professionalism and good standing in the medical field.

Liposuction is also performed at EnRich Clinic. Dr Michael Rich explained that the procedure he performs is under local anaesthetic which makes it cheaper and quicker to perform than in a hospital environment.

Another surprising enhancement the clinic can do is vaginal surgery. A few years ago I saw a documentary about the different shapes of lady areas and was amazed. As a woman, I guess we never show our parts to each other as much as men would catch a glimpse at each others bits. I would have no idea what anyone else’s area looks like other than my own! It was amazing to see some photographic results of how the team at EnRich were able to drastically transform what must have been a very difficult area for some women, into a much more compact labia. Fascinating.

Breast enhancements are also something the clinic does and can do under and over muscle implants. Apparently Nicole Kidman has above muscle implants which is why they are a bit more poppy than usual.

There are various machines that can plump skin, remove scars and birth marks and fill lines. Radio Frequency Machines including Secret and Venus Freeze are available plus the Portrait Machine for a complete overhaul that lifts just about anything you can imagine. The Excel machine is a great quick rejuvenation machine and can also treat birthmarks and redness.

Remember Kim Kardashian’s famous Vampire Facial photo? That would have been the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure where a small sample of your blood is taken and processed to extract a high level of PRP. This is then injected into places that need tissue remodelling and rejuvenation. The team at EnRich did think that Kim’s procedure was over stylised for PR purposes as there would never usually be that much blood present on the face.


If needles and drastic enhancements don’t sound like your thing, various levels of glycolic peels are available plus the full range of Klara Cosmetics is sold at the clinic for a quick fix.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and depth of knowledge the team at EnRich Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic posessed. They really know their stuff and are extremely caring and honest in their approach I felt. Helping you to look a better version of yourself is their goal and they don’t believe in over the top enhancements. They prefer the natural looking, yet refreshed look, which I fully support. Many of the team have had the treatments available at the surgery and can tell you honestly, openly and first hand how the processes happen and what to expect results wise.

Dr Michael Rich enrich cosmetic surgery dermatology liposuction melbourne armadale

If you do have some cosmetic issues to address, Dr Michael Rich and the team at EnRich Clinic Armadale should be your first call.  EnRich Clinic, 872 High St, Armadale VIC 3143. Ph: (03) 9500 9500 

Disclaimer: Please consult the EnRich Surgery about anything written here for their professional clarification and opinion. My note taking may not be 100% accurate. I have not experienced any of their professional services first hand.

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