Melbourne Laser Hair Removal – aLotta Laser – Review

Laser hair removal has changed lives and I can certainly say that it has changed mine.

Spending your teens being teased by boys that you liked because you have hairy legs and hair in places that other girls didn’t, is not something that I would wish upon anyone, but sadly it’s something that hundreds of girls go through. I can say with honesty that having that experience myself made me more of an understanding and empathetic person but has still left me with a few emotional scars.

I was introduced to Melbourne’s leading laser aesthetician, Lottie Peters of  ALotta Laser. Lottie had a similar life experience to me and discovered her passion in life was beauty therapy and ridding people of that nasty hair once and for all. She has travelled the world teaching the Brazillians how to do a Brazillian! She has practiced lazer professionally for 10 years so really knows her stuff. Plus, Lottie is such a lovely person you will instantly feel welcomed and comfortable in her presence. I felt like I had gone to visit my aunties house she is just so charming and kind.

I have had laser in various parts of my body over the past 7 years in a few different clinics between Adelaide and Melbourne, but none of them have made me feel as comfortable as Lottie did. Lottie set out candles, gave me a glass of water with her special touch of fresh fruit in the glass and made sure to run me through all of the important information that is necessary before you have a laser session. Namely, you must not have been exposed to the sun, not have any fake tan, not be pregnant or trying to fall pregnant and a few other health questions.

She took me through the growth cycle of the hair. It is helpful to understand why it is important to have around about 8 treatments, to zap hairs in the right stages for growth to make sure they go for good. The other thing I really appreciate about Lottie’s work, is that she is a perfectionist. She has a heart of gold and wants to make sure that every single hair is zapped and gone for good.

Lottie has used a number of different Laser machines in her time but now uses BBL for a number of reasons such as it’s virtually painless and works really well on darker skins. The machine has ice to cool the area immediately and uses a gel to guide the light so it hits the follicle better. Lottie can also use the machine for skin rejuvenation and getting rid of pesky red surface veins.

So, for the best laser hair removal in Melbourne, you need to go to see the beautiful Lottie at aLotta Laser. If you have been struggling with hair issues your whole life, or even if you wish you never had to shave your arm pits, laser hair removal is something you will adore. It doesn’t hurt, and the results will astound you.

I have been visiting aLotta Laser for a year now and have seen dramatic results in the reduction of hair on my legs and armpits. My legs feel like silk now it’s so amazing to think back to how they used to be. I can’t recommend the service and the treatment enough, it’s so good!

aLotta Laser provides a number of different lazer services and is very reasonably priced compared to some other salons in Melbourne. They are open until 9pm in a private salon in Lygon St. East Brunswick. Give Lottie a call on 0420 318 767 and you will never look back. aLotta laser, for results that will amaze ya! 

If you have any questions about the treatments I have received, leave me a question in the comments.

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