Napoleon Perdis Browtox Eyebrow Frame and Tame- Review

If you grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, you certainly plucked the heck out of your eyebrows to make them Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani thin. One girl in my grade 8 class plucked so hard in fact, she came to school one morning with no eyebrows at all. I offered to use my texta to draw them back on for her.


Thankfully, Big brows are back in fashion (we knew Brooke Shields was right all along) with celebs like Cara Delevingne donning dark, thick brows on the cat walk. In fact, bigger brows can take years off your appearance so get yourself into brow rehab and let them grow out a bit. Just don’t turn into Frida Kahlo!

cara eyebrows

You need to remember a few tips before you get on the big brow bus:

  • Shape your eyebrows properly! There are brow bars popping up in malls all over the place and many make up counters, like Napoleon Perdis, can help you too. If you don’t know what you’re doing, I would recommend going to see what they have to say and take it from there. If you are a gun with the tweezers and have some self control, give shaping a try yourself using the brow guide. Some people say the brow should begin just where your nostril ends, but if you have a wide nose, that should not be the case. Everyones face is different, so seeing a beautician is the best thing to do to start your brow detox on the right foot.
  • Don’t go too big, just flow with the shape of your natural brows
  • Don’t over colour! If colouring in gaps or adding definition, keep it natural and sheer. Have you seen people with crazy dark over coloured in eyebrows? That’s called a Scousebrow! VILE! I loved this episode of Snog, Marry, Avoid when they addressed this horrendous issue head on.

So, today I was lucky enough to give Napoleon Perdis’ Browtox a go.

napoleon perdis browtox brows

Browtox comes in a cute little pot. It is a creme-gel that is designed to be a universal shade (not in my case but we will get to that later) which provides colour and definition.  Made with synthetic bees wax, it keeps the brows in place all day. 

napoleon perdis browtox brows

To apply, it comes with a lovely double ended brush. One side is a slanted edged brush that you use to work the browtox into your brow, and the spooly end is used to comb it through and even it out for a natural finish.

napoleon perdis browtox brows brush

napoleon perdis browtox brows bursh spool eyebrows

This fantastic video from Napoleon Perdis gives you a great rundown of how to use the product and how to find the best shape for your brows at home. I found it really helpful.

The video suggests going against the brow, however I didn’t find that was the best way for me. Personally, I have thick brows, but there isn’t a lot of hair in them, just long thick ones. Going against my brows means they sometimes fall out which isn’t cool. I used Browtox on my really patchy eyebrow to show you how it looks to colour in my unsightly gaps.

I have really dark brown, almost black eyebrows and then black eyelashes. Despite the fact that Browtox is meant to be a universal shade, I found that it was a little too caramel for my natural colouring, but it would be perfect for someone with blonde, ginger or light brown brows.

napoleon perdis browtox brows

Something else to remember is don’t use too much! I thought I only had a tiny bit of Napoleon Perdis Browtox on my brush, but even then, I had too much. You just need a teeny bit and then you can build from there. You can see in the picture below that you just need to touch the pot with the slanted brush to get the smallest amount. The pot will last you forever! Love that!

napoleon_perdis_browtox 2

On my first attempt using Browtox, I unfortunately gave myself a scousebrow by using far too much browtox and got it all thick and stuck in the front part of my brow which really doesn’t need any definition. It did a good job at filling in my scraggly middle brow however. Witness the scousebrow:


On my next attempt I did a MUCH better job by using much less Browtox and dabbing the edge of the brush on the angle my brows should go. I only used it to fill in gaps and define the outer parts of my eyebrow which are thinner. Using the spooly end of the brush, I combed the brow into place and that also evenly distributes the Browtox lightly through the rest of the brow. It works to stop it from sticking your brows together and makes the finish flawlessly sheer. Witness the glory of the perfect Napoleon Perdis Browtox application:

Napoleon Perdis Browtox is made in Italy and is paraben and fragrence free. It is available at Napoleon Perdis counters for $39 and comes with the lovely grooming brush. I recommend this product for those with light coloured – medium brown eyebrows that need a little more definition and shape.

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