Jeunesse Luminesce Advanced Night Repair – Review

jeunesse luminesce advanced night cream A good night cream becomes so much more necessary as you get older. Especially in the dry winter air, a nutrient rich cream will do your skin a lot of good as you rest. I know first hand what premature ageing looks like (Hello fine lines and frown lines!), so I was excited to see how this cream performed.

Jeunesse Luminesce Advanced Night Repair cream is a beautifully luxurious cream that had a relaxing smell that reminded me a little bit of the L’Occitane. The packaging is quite luxurious looking in silver and blue and the product comes with a little spatula to scoop up the cream so you don’t need to touch it in the 30ml jar.

The cream itself is a little gel like and you just need a pea sized amount applied on the face and down the neck. Massage in evenly in circular motions and then tap your face gently afterwards with your fingers to start the absorption. luminesce night repair advance Night Repair contains ingredients that help to fight signs of aging. In fact, studies have shown that it increased cellular hydration by 85%. That’s something my skin needs in particular. It absorbs into skin fairly quickly and I would recommend cleansing and applying at 15 minutes or more before going to bed so it has extra time to absorb.

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair uses a special phospholipid delivery system that works to deliver hydration deep into the skin in nanoscale. This allows increased absorbency of the key nutrients which includes hyaluronic acid to plump the skin as well as apple, lentil, watermelon and cucumber extracts.

Personally, I didn’t see and reduction in lines in the few weeks that I used it, and I came out in a few pimples which may or may not have been related to the use of Luminesce (who knows with lady hormones!)

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is on the high end of the scale at $79 and I would suggest that you would get about 3 months use from one jar. For stockists head to

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