Colour Theory Nail Polish – Review

I have an ever growing collection of nail polish and I’m known to have painted nails every single day, so I think I know a thing or 2 about nail polishes.

Colour Theory is an affordable price point beauty product range and I was quite impressed with their nail polishes in terms of colour and durability. I love that they are made in Australia!

colour theory nail polish

I tried Mochachino (coffee), Flamingo (pink) and Miami Housewife (purple) shades.

colour theory nail polishFlamingo is my favourite shade for a few reasons. I adore the colour, and it lasted on my nails for AGES!colour theory nail polishMochachino was a lovely nude shade and also lasted for quite some time.

colour theory nail purple

Miami Housewife is a very bright shade of vivid orchard. I found that it needed about 3 coats because the first coat was a bit dry on my nails, maybe because my nails were dry to start with, I’m not sure. After 3 quick coats it looked brilliant like the photo. Just make sure you really give it time to dry or you might get nicks in the coat.

So if you need to add some new colours to your collection, give Colour Theory a try. Colour Theory also have a range of lipstick, powders and eyeshadows that you can find at Guardian Pharmacies, Amcal and Amcal Max chemists around Australia for some coin friendly price points.

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