Boots Laboratories Optiva Range – Review

Over the years I have heard a lot about the Boots skin care line and how effective it is for the price, but here in Australia we have been missing out…. until now!

Boots Laboratories have 160 years heritage of laboratory development in England. If you have ever been to the UK, you would have probably had a great time visiting Boots stores in person and picking up your beauty needs.

The Boots Laboratories Optiva range goes beyond hydration to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. All Optiva products have been tested on the skin of 1500 women through 30 separate trials and are adapted to suit any skin type, even sensitive skin.

I was given the opportunity to trial the following three products:

Optiva boots skin care australia


Skin Balancing Cleanser 150ml $14

Such a gentle and effective lotion that you put on, gently tap your skin, and then wipe off with a tissue. You can see your make up and dirt from the day come off. Love it including the snap open lids too.

Radiance Refresh Tonic 150ml $14

After you wipe off the Optiva Skin Balancing Cleanser, it’s time to tone with some Radiance Refresh Tonic on a cotton pad. Just wipe over the face to see the final traces of make up erase and then your skin is ready to receive moisture. The tonic is refreshing and temporarily closes pores to make your skin look luminous. After toning you can apply either the Optiva Nourishing Night Cream or the Optiva Comforting Day cream.

Radiance Boosting Eye Balm 15ml $22

I’m starting to see little wrinkles around my eyes and I wish I started to use a good eye cream earlier. This little beauty is so easy to use and feels refreshing on my skin. It is delicate and uses Althea officinalis extract to make the skin look supple. It’s so lovely. I just apply a little to my finger tip and tap it on gently under my eyes and down the side of my cheek where my lines are appearing. Also on top of the eye and under the eyebrow.

Optiva boots skin care australia

I can really recommend these products for their high quality, effectiveness and price. Just as good, if not better than my beloved Clarins routine and much cheaper!

Optiva from Boots Laboratories which is now available in Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies. Make sure you give it a try.

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