Salon Melbourne 2014

If you’re in the beauty industry and own a salon of some kind, Salon Melbourne is the free industry event you need to attend. Everything is on show from non surgical liposuction machines, spray tan machines to nail polish and lip stick and on to waxing kits and skin care solutions. I visited last year and loved it and have to say this year was even better than the last!

I went down to the exhibition centre on the Sunday morning and saw some great presentations by industry leaders like the beautiful make up artist Rae Morris and hair extrodinare Lorna Evans. The team from Jarah’s Hair was there as well to display some of their creative styles and tips.

Rae showed us how to make small eyes bigger by drawing eye pencil where you wish the eye would sit. Don’t follow the outline of the eye because that is only enhancing what is already there, not adding to it.

salon melbourne rae morris presenting

Lorna Evans showed us how to create flowers in the hair. She explained how keeping inspired and excited by new ideas and concepts in hairdressing, no matter how outlandish, helps to keep clients and staff enthused with your creativity. Since, I’m not a hairdresser, I found it really interesting to see how different styles are created using lots and lots of hair padding and even giant knitting needles to get the right curl in the hair to pin. 

salon melbourne lorna evans

Jarahs Hair from South Australia showed us how to create a modern mullet and a beehive with stitching and lots of padding. I loved an undercut short punky hairstyle they created by basically perming the undercut to give it more body and structure. 

salon melbourne jarahs hair

Lime Crime was one of the stand out stands at Salon Melbourne this year and I couldn’t even get through the crowd to see what they were selling. I think their key selling proposition was their awesome bags that they sold their product in. How do you get customers to pay attention to you at an expo? Have a bag like this!!!! Seriously! There were everywhere and really attention grabbing.

salon melbourne lime crimeThere was so much on display for salon and beauty professionals. I think you would need a shopping trolley to stock up on the great deals on things like salon clothing, waxing kits, make up and the like. Hairdressers could even get their precious scissors sharpened!salon melbourne Orly was on hand to give their awesome gel fx manicures which I love. My only purchase from the whole event (because I have enormous self control) was Orly’s Sec-n-Dry top coat.

salon melbourne orly

Brands that were there included Gorgeous Cosmetics, Eye of Horus, Kryolan Australia, Inglot, OPI, Napoleon Perdis, Klara Cosmetics, Atelier Australia, Lash Republic, Dermatalogica, Redken, Eleven Australia, Crown Brushes and GlamPalm just to name a few. The line for AKR Beauty supplies was crazy long. I just love their stall though because there are sooooo many things to look at and buy such as professional hair dryers,  colour pots, clips and all the things you would need if you owned a salon. Get in early for that stand to beat the lines!

The trends this year seemed to be tanning products and lots of false lashes plus really crazy long nails and nail art. I even saw a machine for your salon where your clients could choose any nail art they wanted on the screen and it would print out, including taking your photo with an inbuilt camera and putting your face on your nails! Amazing!

Did you go along and buy a haul of goodies this year?

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