OPI Grand Canyon Sunset – Nail Polish – Review

There are certain colours of nail polish that I gravitate to more than others.

I’m a big red, pink, orangey warm colours kind of girl. I guess growing up mum always told me that nail polish was supposed to make your nails look healthy and like there is blood pumping through you, similar to lipstick, so blues, browns and greens don’t really float my boat.

I saw this stunning nail polish on the shelf at a beauty expo a year ago and had to have it. OPI has a bazillion colours of polish so you can always find the exact shade you are looking for, but this one was like “hey, buy me! I’m a beautiful dusky dark pinky colour with a slight pearly sheen. You need me Belinda!” Sooooo I got it and I don’t regret it in the slightest! It’s stunning.opi grand canyon sunset nail polish review pink dusky 2 3

It is the perfect toe nail colour too. Looks great peeking out of peep toe shoes and if your buzzing to the shop in your Havianas.

I love the way that this colour paints on too. It’s smooth and easy to apply with just one coat.

4 5I went to the Grand Canyon in 2007 for spring break when I lived in America. It was so beautiful and even though the weather was pleasant, there were still little bits of snow on the trails. I wasn’t there at sunset, but OPI Grand Canyon Sunset reminds me of the colours of the rock in the canyon too. If you haven’t been. Go!

grand canyonYou can get OPI nail polish from Myer or David Jones and you can get compliments from your friends with OPI Grand Canyon Sunset on your nails.

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2 Responses to OPI Grand Canyon Sunset – Nail Polish – Review

  1. Leanna says:

    Love this as a pedicure polish! So cute.

  2. Barbara says:

    Love, love the color!! Can’t find it anywhere!

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