Gok for Target

I was lucky enough to be front row at the Target Chadstone Fashion Show featuring Gok Wan on the weekend.

Funnily enough we ran into Gok and his crew in the lift before hand which was slightly embarrassing especially when my Dad, who was down visiting me from Adelaide, recognised him and in his loud whisper said to me “that’s the guy from TV” to which I nodded hoping he wouldn’t embarrass me further. He then said “Oh, he is the fashion show you are going to see”…. yes Dad.

My housemate and I were very excited to see the show and be so close to the action.


It’s Gok!!!!


What I really liked about the show is the realistic models that Target used. They were all kinds of sizes and ages which made the fashion more easy to relate to.


I am a huge Target fashion fan! Why pay big bucks for something when you can get something that is great quality and doesn’t require mortgage.

How stunning is this outfit with the navy tote and crop trench coat.


I loved this model. She is what I called Hot Mum! Such a stunning looking older lady who rocked the double denim chambray. Go Target!


A flirty skirt looks good with tights or bare legs. Gok gave some useful tips to members of the crowd to.


Love the shirt under the knitted top look for winter. You can dress it up or down for the office and the pop of leopard print is perfect!


Gok did some fantastic make overs on 3 women. Sadly I didn’t get the best photos of them but they all looked amazing at the end of it. Everyone in the crowd gasped.





Wow! Love Gok and Love the new range of products at Target this coming season!

gok target australia

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