Chi Chi Pink Brown Mosaic Blush – Review

How long does your blush last? I have been using Nars Orgasm blush for about 3 years now, it never ran out, but it started to smell stale and I thought it was safer to get rid of it and try something new but gave a similar colour. I picked up Chi Chi’s Mosaic Blush in the Pink Brown colour range. It comes in a really lovely compact. Silver with a “Choose Chi Chi” push button open and a large mirror. It’s a lot bigger than most blush’s on the market that’s for sure, but a little goes a long way. Plus it’s great value.chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review I have been using the blush every day for the past 3 weeks and it gives great coverage, colour and shine. You just need to touch the pallet with your blush brush and that is more than enough for a day in the office. Actually, the blush has quite a bit of shimmer so I feel that it is too much for the office to be honest. Maybe nobody else notices, I haven’t thought to ask. When I touch my cheek with my hand I can see lots of glitter. I’m a little worried i’m a bit of a glitter ball. It is perfect for a night out with and looks great in night time club photos to bring attention to your cheek bones. chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review How it looks inside (I swear it looks a bit pinker and a little more shimmery in real life than this photo shows). chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review Belinda Beauty chattetteAnd here it is outside in the shade of a sunny day. You can see the lovely pink colour it gives. chi chi blush mosaic pink browns reviewThis is how it looks in a club at 1am when your friend tells you to take a photo with their glasses. Check out that nice cheek pop through the lens! Chi Chi products can be found at Myer and this blush retails for $19.95.

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2 Responses to Chi Chi Pink Brown Mosaic Blush – Review

  1. It sure looks peachy during the day & somehow miraculously transformed into a pinky blush at night. Hehe. It doesnt look much shimmer in it but i bet it does in real life, hey! However, i love the last pic of ya in the club with the blush. Looks pretty on ya! Hehe. Have you tried benefit cosmetic blushes? Im currently obsess with “rockateur blush” from benefit cosmetic 😉

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Hana it’s quite pinky and of course, since it’s a mosaic, it depends which bit of the blush you focus your brush on. I haven’t tried the brushes but I’m sure they are great. Thanks for your comment!

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