Veet Hair Removal Wax – Review

Summer is here ladies and you know what that means? Short sleeves and short skirts ready for the sunshine – AKA hair removal time! No longer can you hide that fur under pants and long sleeved shirts.

I have black ugly hair on my arms and so I choose to wax them every few weeks. I was given two Veet waxing products to try so I could report back for you and get you summer ready too.

  • Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit
  • Veet Easy To Use Wax Strips

Here is how they work:

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit:

This kit comes with a wax cartridge and an electrical wax roller. It makes applying wax so easy, it’s not messy at all. Simply plug in the roller for 20 minutes (that’s a bit too long for me to be honest only because I’m an impatient person), and leave it. When it is ready you just roll the rolled with the flow of hair growth, rub one of the paper strips onto the wax and pull against the hair. It’s so so simple. I could even do it in my bedroom without having to worry about getting messy wax on the carpet. The wax sticks well and rips off like a dream. The only real draw back is that once you have finished waxing, you need to wipe your skin with one of the cleansing towlettes that is provided, you can’t use water. It can make you feel a bit icky, but I just love how easy it is to wax with the roller so I think it’s worth it. You can use it on hairs as short as 2mm and is great for legs, bikini and underarms.

Veet Easy To Use Wax Strips:

These wax strips are fantastic for travel or for when you need a quick wax. I think I’m in love. Simply rub your hands up and down the strip a few times to warm it up, peel open the strip to reveal 2 strips. Place one of the strips wax down on the hair, give it another little rub up and down and then rip off against the direction of the hair. You can then use the same strip on another patch of hair and rip it off. I found I could use it effectively about 4 times before I needed to use a new strip. You can even use this wax on really short hair – thank God! Nobody likes waiting for hairs to grow long do they? Good work Veet! However, again , you can’t use water to remove the waxy feeling from your skin after using the strips and need to use the cleansing toilettes provided to dissolve any residue.

These products can be purchased from Priceline.

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