Win Your Very Own AirWick Black Edition Candle

I have a thing about cinnamon scents. When I was in university I lived in America for a year and everything there smelt like cinnamon. It was delicious! A few years after I returned home, my friend posted me a candle that smelt like one she had in her dorm room and it smelt like cinnamon and spices and all of the happy times I had in the States. It also made my room smell amazing even when it wasn’t lit. That candle came to an end but i’m so excited to find a new cinnamon spice and cracking fire scented candle by AirWick.


Have you seen the range of Airwick multicolour candles at Coles? You can find them in the home and cleaning aisle. My housemate has had one for a while now but I was given the chance to review the brand new Multicolour Black Edition Airwick that changes colour gently and has a beautiful design on the front. So pretty and scented candles are my favourite!

The black edition is made especially for dark nights where all you can see in the room is the flickering light of the candle and the magic rainbow that glows from its belly. Add to that the festive scent of crackling fire and cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a very romantic scene indeed.


If cinnamon spice and cracking fire isn’t your type of scent, Airwick have a really cool fragrance finder on their site to help you find the right one for your nose and decor.

I have 2 of these stunning candles to give away to make your home smell, and look amazing!

Entries close October 31 at midnight and is only for those living in Australia. This is a game of skill so be creative. Fill in the form below to go in to the draw. All the best and be sure to share this with your friends!


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