GHD Metallic Silver


A few months ago my trusty old Remington straightener kicked the bucket and I’ll say I was pretty happy about that since I had been wanting to get a better straightener for a while. One that didn’t catch my hair in the plates was all I wanted.  I had a look at a few options but settled on the GHD after pretty much everyone told me to get one.

I headed to Hair House Warehouse and they were having a timely sale on the metallic GHD’s so I got myself one. Boo ya! The team at Hairhouse Warehouse also showed me how to use the GHD like a pro and to put waves in my hair. I still haven’t mastered the technique sadly.

I have been LOVING the GHD however! It doesn’t catch my hair, glides like a beautiful smooth blade across ice (that’s a good analogy isn’t it!) and it makes my hair silky smooth and straight with the extra bit of help from the Eleven Miracle Treatment I use.

I do wish it came with a heat resistant mat, glove and a latch to close the plates shut if you want to store it in a drawer. Oh well.



Here is how beautiful and straight my hair looks after using this baby.


How do you store your straighteners and hairdryers? I have a metal bucket in my room that I pop them in and hang my GHD over. It keeps them all together and also means that I can put them back in their place even when they are warm.

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