How to shave your face the best way- Baxter of California Shaving kit

Learning how to shave your face for the first time must be a tricky task for a guy. There are so many curves on the face and sometimes shaving can cause irritation.

Well today I have had some help from my lovely and very handsome friend Dave who is going to show you how he uses his favourite shaving kit from Baxter of California (that I bought him for Christmas. He is welcome!). Dave adores these shaving products and has become quite the shaving gel/cream/technique connoisseur. I asked him to show me how he uses these products so I could write a post and share his tips with you.


The Baxter of California Shave 1,2,3 kit comes with a beautiful Badger hair brush, Super close shave formula and After Shave Balm.

Baxter of california 1 2 3 shaving kit with brush

1. To begin with Dave suggests softening up your skin and beard with a hot wet towel for a few minutes, held against your face. Alternatively you could try shaving straight after you shower as your hairs and skin would have been softened from showering.

Keep your face wet before applying the shaving cream.

How to shave face baxters

2. Using the pop stick to spread the thick cream is a handy way to apply the cream as its a little thick so jamming the brush into the tub is wasteful and may eventually damage your brush (a good quality brush is quite pricey so you will want to look after it ).

Dave found you don’t need very much at all to get a nice lather, just a thin spread, making Baxter’s a very economical choice.

How to shave face baxters

3. Moisten the shaving brush under with water and then start to buffer into the shaving cream around your chin and cheeks in circles. The cream lathers up nicely.

How to shave face baxters

4. Once the cream is in place it’s time to shave. Dave likes to Use Gilette razors and one of his favourite things about this Baxers shave formula is that it rinses straight out of the razor and doesn’t clog like many other products he has used, especially non foaming gels.

How to shave face baxters

5. Pull some faces as you gently glide the razor over your face. Dave suggests starting at the neck or where ever you have the most sensitive areas. It really depends on your face shape. Shaving with the growth to begin with then later, against it, usually delivers more comfortable shaving with less irritation.

Keep in mind the lather may slowly start to dry off a little so you want to get the difficult areas done first. If you do feel its getting a little dry, simply wet the brush again just slightly and re work the lather.

How to shave face baxters

6. When the razor gets a bit too much foam on it, just rinse it off in some water. Baxters will leave the blades clean as a whistle.

How to shave face baxters

7. Pull some more faces to clean the rest of those pesky hairs off of your face. Then you’re almost done if you want just a general shave.

How to shave face baxters

8. Optional extra steps: Try a second pass for a closer, smoother, more kissable face. Dave suggests shaving for a second time. Normally the remaining cream from the shaving brush will do, otherwise add a little more. Buffer your face with it once again.

How to shave face baxters

9. Glide the blade over your face once again. First with the growth and then against the it.

v How to shave face baxters

10. You may look like your choking yourself with your spare hand, but stretching the skin is a good way to get the hairs to stand on end and make the skin taught so it is less likely to be cut or irritated.

How to shave face baxters

11. When all of your whiskers are gone, rinse off your face with clean water and wipe with a face washer to finish off. Cold water works best to close all the pores. Don’t forget to rinse out your brush and let it dry, hanging is the best for it.

Apply a small amount of Baxter’s Aftershave Lotion and you’re done.

So there you have it men. How do you shave your face? You now have the answer. Baxters 1,2,3 Shave kit does a great job and leaves your face silky smooth. MMMMM nothing better than a guy with a smoooooooth clean and handsome face.

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  1. Ha!! I find it hilarious watching my boyfriend shave because he makes some great faces! Fun post – and I’m sure it will be practical for your male readers 🙂

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