MAC Studio Sculpt foundation

Mac studio fix

Well dear readers, I have been testing this foundation out for a year now to give you the best review I can.

I bought MAC Studio Sculpt NW20 shade Foundation in Dubai last year and got it for about $10 cheaper than it is here in Australia from memory. I asked a lot of people about MAC foundations and which ones they thought were best. Studio Sculpt was recommended to me more than others and became the first ever MAC purchase I made. The beautiful MAC lady at the Dubai Mall was very helpful too so that made my purchase very easy.

I can’t believe that this has lasted me the entire year and there is still some left to last a few more months. You really don’t need a lot and it’s easy to blend. It has a creamy moisture rich texture and can be built on to get more coverage if you need it. Personally, I like one thin layer and apply a little more on any trouble areas.

I wear it every day and squirt half a pea sized amount on my finger and then dab little bits around my face to make blending easier. I like to blend with my fingers rather than a brush or a sponge because the warmth of the skin makes blending smoother this way.


To remove the foundation I wash my face with a cloth and water, then I use Clarins Creamy Cleanser to remove the whole lot.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation doesn’t leave my skin oily or looking orange. It gives lovely natural coverage with SPF 15 which is very important in the Aussie climate.

It retails for $52 and will last you a year if you use it like I do. Lovely! Just visit your local MAC Counter at Myer or David Jones

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