L’Occitane Angelica Range – Review

L’Occitane have released a new series of products made with Organic Angelica Water and I was given the chance to try a few of these products. Boy am I glad. On a cold winters day where the heater dries your face out, these products are a God send!

Did you know that the angelica plant traps water in its deep roots which it then uses to hydrates the whole plant? Amazing! In a skincare first, L’Occitane has extracted the essential oil and water from the heart of the angelica root and brought them together in this Angelica range. The Angelica range acts to enhance both skin hydration and vitality.

L'Occtaine Angelica range

The L’Occitane Angelica range products I trialled.

  • Creme Radiance
  • Sublime Essence
  • Eye Roll on

Sublime Essence Serum – $56

L'occitane sublime essence skin perfector serum Available in Australia from August 14.

L’Occitane combined the goodness of angelica with organic extracts of both white iris and blue iris to form Angelica Iris Sublime Essence. The Sublime Essence is a skin perfector serum that helps to correct skin irregularities and reduce redness to leave skin refined. It has a cute little pump bottle, light texture and a pearly look.

I used 2 pumps each night on my clean face. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft, dewy and renews elasticity. My favourite feeling! I did find that after a few weeks of using it every night, that my skin did like a rest from it and came up in a couple of tiny pimples so I used it every second night. I do have very sensitive skin and am very happy to use this product. I love it for extra moisture and the scent is calming.

What I love about this serum is that it doesn’t rub off. I’m not sure if you know what I mean, but I have had experiences with serums where I put it on, then put cream or foundation on top and it rubs off like an eraser. I didn’t have that issue with Sublime Essence.

Angelica Hydrating Face Creme Radieuse – $52

L'Occtaine Creme Radieuse Hydration Cream angelicaL'Occtaine Creme Radieuse Hydration Cream angelica 2

The Creme Radieuse is a great daily moisturising face cream. I only used these products at night as I felt that they were too nourishing and creamy for day use with foundation.

The packaging is so sweet too but I did find it a little hard to get my fingers in the jar when it started to get low. The opening could be a bit bigger for my liking.

The creme left my skin feeling amazing each night and when I woke up, my face felt velvety soft, hydrated and happy. Exactly what it needs in this weather.

Angelica Eye Roll On – $29

L'Occitane eye roll on angelicaL'Occitane eye roll on angelica 2After applying the Sublime Essence and the Creme, if you have puffy eyes use this cooling roll on to soothe and calm. Dark circles and congestion are said to melt away. I don’t have puffy eyes so I didn’t see any change using this product.

I would recommend giving these products a home in your beauty routine if you need some nourishment for your skin in this weather. I look forward to using them each night and waking up to radiant skin each morning- so should you.

See more of the Angelica skin care range by L’Occitane at their stores and on their website.

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