Ella Bache Moisture Rich Self Tan Cream – Great Tan Without Sun – Review

ella bache self tan cream moisture rich fake tan

Say hello to your new favourite self tan friend – Ella Bache’s Great Tan Without Sun Moisture Rich Self Tan Cream. I had heard lots of good things about this product so decided to give it a shot with this sample that came in a David Jones gift with purchase bag.

I have very pale skin and am a bit of a beacon. I could guide a plane or blind someone with my white pastey legs in the sun. Mostly, I embrace the paste because that’s how I am and I don’t want skin cancer. I had a terrible experience with spray fake tan on the day of my school formal all those years ago and have avoided it ever since.

Winter is the best time to test tanning creams because if you mess something up you can just wear pants to cover it. Luckily, I had great results from this product and could wear a dress with pride to an awards night recently.

This little bottle of Vegemite looking cream really surprised me with the coverage it gave. The bottle claims that it has next to no smell, but I did still pick up the scent of smelly-old-sandal-on-a-hot-day, like most tans smell like (another memory of that school formal was that we all stank like old sandals. Gross).

Before you begin, remember to shave or wax your legs and exfoliate very well. Tanning creams go dark or flake in places that haven’t been exfoliated well.

ella bache self tanSquirt that cream on and rub rub rub. Be sure to use a glove or be ready to wash your hands well right after use. Make sure you cover your legs evenly and don’t go too crazy on your feet or the sides of your feet. I just give a light rub on the top of the foot so it blends in.
ella bache self tan 2The leg on the left is a beacon and the leg on the right has the Ella Bache Moisture Rich Tan on it. You can see the difference (and that I left the squiggle of cream on too long to take a photo and it left a mark).

I do have pretty hairy Italian legs so the tan did tend to settle in the hair shaft areas making dark spots, however if you wax your legs instead of shaving them then you should be ok.

The second time I tried the tan, I exfoliated my legs really harshly with the Le Edge and I didn’t get the dark spots. Exfoliation is key if you haven’t picked up on that yet.

This cream does a fantastic job and I have been very impressed. It is simple to apply and moisturises your legs while providing a really healthy looking glow. I think it’s the moisture that helps the tan look natural. It only lasted a couple of showers which is how I prefer it to be. The tan can also be used on other parts of your body but I didn’t give that a try.

I shall be packing this cream with me when I hit the road to the UK in a few months time. Beacon no more! Sexy tan all the way!

A 130mL tube of Ella Bache Great Tan Without Sun Moisture Rich Self Tan Cream retails for around $40. Find it at Ella Bache salons, David Jones and other Ella Bache stockists.

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