Kiko Milan Eyebrow Pencil 02 Brown- Review

I’ll admit it. I have wonky eyebrows. My brows are thick, long and very Italian but when I was younger I decided that they looked too woggy. I went against my mothers advice and plucked them a little too thin. They grew back, but there are a couple of places that aren’t ideal. The other problem is that there are little gaps at the top of my eyebrows that I promise I never ever have touched with a tweezer and I was just born with gaps there.

Oh well, never fear because I have learnt the power of a good eyebrow pencil to fix those very important parts of my face. Eyebrows make such a difference to the face so it’s so important to have them shaped and coloured correctly.

kiko milan eyebrow pencil 02 brown

When I was in Italy last year I visited Kiko Milan and purchased this fantastic brow pencil for just a few Euro. One of the best purchases I made over there I think.

kiko milan eyebrow pencil

It’s a thin pencil and comes with it’s own tiny pencil sharpener and an eyebrow brush. Such great value!

kiko milan precision eye brow pencil

kiko milan eyebrow pencil brush

The colour (02 Brown) is the perfect colour for my face. It’s not too dark and not too light and blends naturally.

brown eyebrow pencil

So how do I fix my eyebrows every day? Like this:

eyebrows gappy

Before colouring them in

how to colour eyebrows pencil

This is how I colour. Create a straight diagonal line under the brow and fill in the gap at the top. I then use an eyebrow brush and brush the front up to sweep the colour through then down the end of the brow to smooth that out

eyebrows gappy coloured in

After colouring with Kiko Pencil. A naturally perfect appearance!

So there you have it. I love and highly recommend the Kiko Milan 02 Precision Eyebrow pencil! If you’re in Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain, UK just to name a few countries where Kiko is) and see a Kiko Milan store, spend your spare change (5.90 pounds) on this little beauty.

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