Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum – Review

Tony and guy classic hair shine gloss serum

I have pretty frizzy curly hair so I always need to add some serum to my hair after it’s dry to moisturise it and keep it together smoothly. Goodbye fly aways, hello silky smooth tresses. I bought this Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum the other day and gave it a try.

Toni and guy shine gloss serum

It’s a small bottle that’s almost travel size 30ml. It has a little pump to squirt the serum out but I don’t think it’s a very good quality squirter. It’s a little difficult to use.

toni & guy shine gloss serum hair

For my hair I use 3 pumps and then rub my hands together.

Toni and guy shine gloss serum classic how to use hair review

Make sure you put serum only at the ends of the hair and not near the roots of you’ll be a greasy oil head in no time. Oils don’t get to the ends of the hair which is why they split and get frizzy.

I rub my hands on to the ends of my hair and rake my fingers through to make sure I get the serum off of my hands and on to where it is needed most. This serum is not greasy and smells like all the other Toni & Guy products (sort of like sea water I think).

I then style my hair and the serum makes my hair shiny and silky. By the second day my hair is perfect after the oils have absorbed into my crazy hair. Using a straightener on it works well.

I must say I do prefer to use Lee Stafford Argan Oil over this Toni & Guy Shine and Gloss Serum.

This product is great for people who have slightly dry hair but not super thick and frizzy like mine in my opinion.

You can buy Toni & Guy products from most Coles stores.

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