Army green anorak jacket- Hot this season! – Bargain time

There are couple of things I’ve been wanting this winter season.

  1. Black semi high heel ankle boots
  2. Army green anorak jacket

I ended up buying some amazing leather Hush Puppy boots: look up Gala. NICE

And then the search for a nice and cheap military anorak jacket came.

I’m really good at scouring shops, taking in what each one has and then comparing the style benefits over the price. It’s probably one of my strong points in life. A real value hunter!

Target – $79 (I got a 30% off sale too. YEAH)

I visited Target today and saw they had 30% off jackets. My true love poked out at me… but they were all size 14! TOO BIG she cried! As I walked around the store I found a 12 hiding in another aisle as well as some nice maroon coloured ones. 12 is still too big but since it’s winter and I’ll have layers underneath, this little puppy fits well and oh gees is it warm and cozy! It has pockets too!

army green jacket anorak

It has a fake fur trimmed hood… i’m normally totally against fur trimming but this looks sort of cute I think. It’s a nice looking fake fur too I must say.

army green jacket anorak

It has a big long zip as well as press studs so you have options to do it up how you green jacket anorak

It also has toggles on the back which are sort of strange since they wack on the back of my knees a little. But looks how long and cozy this is! It’s puffy. mmmm comfortarmy green jacket anorak

In the middle it has a toggle drawstring that you can pull to show off your wa-aaaaaiiiisstttt (say that in a Honey Boo-Boo accent if you like, I did).

army green jacket anorak
So what do the other stores have? Much pricier options that I really don’t see the need to pay extra for.

Portmans $169.95

It’s a little wishy washy in colour but its a fairly nice style. I still think $169.95 is too expensive for it. Go to Target lady!

Portmans green anorak jacket

Marcs $279

Now, I adore Marcs. But for $279, you could buy one of their beautiful pea coats which are amazing quality and look so sweet and timeless. I find this anorak to be a mushy colour and the fur in the hood just isn’t nice looking or feeling.

Marcs Green anorak jacket

Seed – $140

Yes it’s nice. It has the toggles and the fur and the pull in waist. If I was going to spend a lot, I would probably buy this one. I don’t remember it feeling too cozy warm though but that could just be my memory. The fur on this one is detachable.

Seed Heritage green anorak

Zara – $479

I can’t find a photo of the Zara jacket that’s available right now.

UMMMMM what kind of price is that Zara? Are you knitting gold into the sleeves? The jacket is a dual jacket where the inside can be taken out and then the outer layer put over the top. It was very warm and cozy looking… but $479? No sister

So all in all I think the Target one is the best value so good luck getting your hands on one in your local Target because they are running out.

What have you been wanting to get your hands on this season?

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