Ella Bache Nail Shellac Manicure- Review

Shiny nails that keep your nails strong and looking beautiful for weeks is what everyone wants right? It’s not easy to achieve that with just painting your nails with normal nail polish.

Here’s where a shellac manicure comes in and answers your prayers.

cnd shellac nails ella bache gotcha pink

I visited Ella Bache on Chapel Street in Prahran to indulge myself in a shellac manicure to keep my nails looking great before I went back to Adelaide to see my family for Easter. If my nails got chipped my mother would annoy me about it so I figured this would be a great work around and she would probably even comment on how beautiful they looked. I tried Orly Gel FX Nail treatment a while ago which is much the same as this.

So what is Shellac?

cnd shellac nails ella bache gotcha pink Shellac is a nail treatment where various coats of polish are applied and cured by UV light within minutes.  By the time the manicure is over (usually 45 minutes) your nails are completely dry and strong enough to be knocked around. It’s like a plasticized coating that is shiny, smooth and tough. So great! It lasts between 2-3 weeks generally and by that time your nails have begun to grow out and the shellac can start to chip a little.

How do you remove Shellac?

My friend gets shellac done once a month and when I asked her how she got it off the said she just picked it off at the end of week 3. You can pay to have it professionally removed and that is of course the best way.

take shellac off

So at 3 and a half weeks my nails had grown out quite a bit naturally. The tips of my nails started to chip ever so slightly but not too bad. I just trimmed the tops of the nails that were splitting and that helped preserve them.

When they were really worse for wear I just started to pick at the shellac and it came off in bits. Not too hard. Some nails came off easier than others.

scuffed nails shellacYou can see particularly on the pinky finger that my nails got pretty scuffed up. This is normal for shellac for some reason. I will admit that the shellac on the pinky finger was harder to pick off that some of the other nails and so that’s my fault for picking and not getting it professionally removed. However, when I had Orly Gel Nails (basically shellac) a while ago I removed them with the chemicals and tools I was provided and my nails also were very scuffed.

What was a shellac manicure from Ella Bache like?

Ella Bache uses the CND brand of Shellac. I’m not 100% sure what the name of the colour is that I chose but looking at the CND site I’m going to take a guess that it is “Gotcha” which is a candy pink colour and looks like the colour Barbie would pick if she had to match her Barbie shoes.

cnd shellac nails ella bache gotcha pink

My manicurist was lovely and we had a nice chat about life and what we were planning to eat for dinner as you do. She did a great job and was a real perfectionist. She pushed back my cuticles and used a little rounded tool to clean the base of my nail then started to do the coats. Shellac, UV light, nail polish, UV light and so on for about 5 coats. At the end she put some Ella Bache hand cream on my hands and I must say that was some nice cream! I’m pretty fussy with hand cream and it is by far one of the nicest I have tried keeping in mind I only tried it once. It absorbed nicely I thought.

So I left the salon with my beautiful pink shiny nails and had to take photos and tell my friends about how beautiful they were.

Ella Bache shellac manicure at Prahran is $45.

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

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