How Nicki Minaj does her make up

nickiminajAhhhh It’s Nicki Minaj up close!

When I saw this photo I immediately realised how Nicki Minaj manages to look so strange. I mean, her face and bone structure makes her look robotic sometimes. It’s all a trick of make up! Since this is such a close up shot, you can see all her make up secrets, from a distance they blend to look good…. well…. Nicki type of good.

So how is Nicki achieving such a strange look?

  • Nose – A stroke of lighter coloured make up or highlighter down the middle of the nose makes your nose look smaller and catches the light in the right places. In Nicki’s case, the light colour extends up her nose and across her eyebrows so they stand out
  • Eyebrows – heavily pencilled in and extended lightly in the middle surrounded by the light highlighter
  • Lips – pink pink pink, with a little darker liner around the edge and a tiny bit of white highlighter around the cupids bow.
  • Eye balls – fake lenses to give blue eyes
  • Eyes – Thick false lashes, crazy solid green eye paint and black liquid eyeliner. Her water line has white liner to make her eyes appear more open.
  • Cheeks – Because Nicki is dark skinned, this trick works well. Her cheeks aren’t given a general pink flush but instead have lighter make up across the apples to match the stripe down her nose. This makes her cheekbones stand out and look fairly natural.
  • Hair – Always a kooky wig

Here she is from a photographers distance where you can see how all of these make up tricks blend together to look seamless from a distance. Great illusions!


Now you know the celebrity beauty secrets behind Nicki’s red carpet make up.

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