Elizabeth Arden – The Original Eight Hour Cream

I purchased this little gem a few months ago after receiving a little sachet sample. I’m always so thankful for samples.

At the time I had terrible skin that was breakout central and the little sample, although I thought it smelt bad and had a funny texture, did a pretty good job of controlling my skin.

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream

If you are a regular reading of my little blog you’ll know that I discovered that I have dry skin so the hydration (or the oil) in this Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream worked well.

It’s in a classy tube with a cute red top. It does have a funny smell sort of like an old lady and it’s more of a gel than a cream in my opinion. The texture is sort of like Vaseline (it contains 56.8% petrolatum) and the colour of quince pate. There is something comforting about using such a timeless product that generations of ladies have used since 1930. You can buy a version that doesn’t have a scent (I think it still does have a scent no matter what they say), but I prefer this one.

elizabeth arden eight hour cream texture

It’s a cult miracle product because it can be used for so many things. I used to put it on my face as a night cream so it settled my skin. I also use it on dry skin on my feet and elbows. You can also use it as cuticle cream, lip balm, tame those crazy eyebrows, soothe windburn, minor burns and cuts or even highlight your cheek bones with it. It’s a legendary product.

It isn’t expensive in my opinion and the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant retails on Strawberry Net for about $20.

Have you tried this product before and loved it’s moisturising and protective qualities?

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