Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – Review

Holy moley! This cream has changed my complexion like nothing else!

I thought I had better start this post off with what I want to shout from the roof tops to everyone out there who has had dehydrated skin.

clinique moisture surge face gel hydrating

Clinique Moisture Surge Gel 50mL normal size next to 7mL free sample size jar

If you’re a dedicated reader of my blog you’ll know that for the past few years my skin has been break out prone and totally stupid. Growing up I had peaches and cream skin and never a blemish.

I noticed crazy pimples and weird things happening to my face soon after I moved offices to a place that had air conditioning and ducted heating. I wrongly thought my skin was too oily and would wash it with foaming face wash every day thinking that would clear it up. I thought wrong.

Long story short, 2 years on I figured out that my skin was just super dehydrated and needed some TLC. I stopped using foaming face wash and swapped to the Clarins routine. I couldn’t find a face cream that made my skin feel smooth and stop blemishes until I discovered Clinique Moisture Surge…. AND THE HEAVENS OPENED AND A RAINBOW APPEARED!

I went to Myer Bourke st in Melbourne and had a chat to the Clinique sales assistant. I asked her if I could try the Moisture surge cream and told her my problems. She asked me if I had tried the Clinique 3 step routine to which I replied I had but the yellow moisturiser (Dramatically Different) that came with it made me break out.

She explained to me that there were 2 types of the Moisture Surge cream. The Gel (Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief) and the thicker cream (Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator) which was new and had just been released for super dry skin. I tried both types on the back of my hand and the gel instantly absorbed and felt amazing. The cream took a while to absorb and felt a little greasy for my liking.

I asked if I could take a sample of the Moisture Surge gel home and she kindly obliged. Let me just say how appreciative I am of brands that do give you little take home samples to try. With products that are expensive and with sensitive skin it’s really important to try it before you invest in it. So thanks Clinique!

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

The small but very generous sample that the Clinique counter provided me.

I gave Moisture Surge a whirl for two weeks with the cute little pot I was provided with. When it ran out I freaked out a little because it was doing such a great job with my skin. Thankfully Christmas was just a week away and I asked my boyfriend to perhaps consider buying it for me (and I provided him with a link so he knew exactly what to get). Luckily he bought me the large jar of Clinique Moisture Surge and I am surging my way through it. It really is amazing for my skin.

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

I wake up in the morning and my skin feels soft and flawless. I look in the mirror and it shows exactly how it feels. Flawless!

Even my friends have noticed my glowing skin with one of my best friends constantly calling me “miss beautiful complexion” in messages.

Flawless skin face clinique moisture surge

Unflattering post with harsh flash just to show how amazing my skin is.

The gel absorbs into my skin so quickly and I apply my foundation right on top. I generally apply the gel, pat my face with my fingers, do my hair and then put my foundation on to make sure it has settled.

Why do I love Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel-Creme?

  • Absorbs quickly
  • Makes my skin feel super silky smooth
  • Moisturises well for extended thirst relief
  • Foundation glides over the top with ease
  • It’s a pretty pink colour (that’s a cute bonus)
  • Fine lines and tightness vanish when they get a little drink of Moisture Surge.
  • People say “Oh Belinda your complexion is so beautiful”. Gotta love that!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is $60 at the Clinique online store Australia. I highly recommend that you try this! Let me know how you go!

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