Benefit Erase Paste – 01 Fair- Review

About a year ago I got into a bit of a concealer spin. I started to think the skin under my eyes was a bit grey and see through and needed to be covered up. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of people about what the best under eye concealer was and I was told by many that it was Benefit Erase Paste or Benefit Boi-ing.

I went to the Benefit counted in Myer after my research and spoke to the sales assistant who also recommended Erase Paste. I bought it.

To be brutally honest it didn’t do a very good job at concealing under my eyes. I found it to be too thick and it sank into my fine skin and made it look wrinkly. I twittered to the Benefit team to ask what I was doing wrong and they told me maybe I was using too much. I tried using less but I still found it was sinking into the wrinkles I didn’t even realise I had there.

I shelved it for a while.

Benefit Erase Paste 01

When I started to get dehydrated skin that resulted in pimples I pulled out Erase Paste and tried again on the nasty red spots. BINGO! I think it’s great for covering them up.

Erase Paste came in a cute purple box and a tiny spatula that you scoop the concealer out with and blend with your fingers then pat it onto the skin. I stopped using the scoop as I didn’t find it effective. The best thing I find is to gently dab my pointer finger into the jar (so long as I dont have long nails), then pat that directly onto my skin. It works well.

Let’s see my how well this works on my red ugly pimple.

red pimple cheek


There’s the offender

benefit erase paste apply tiny pats and dabs


Put my finger in the jar lightly to pick up some concealer then dab dab dab on and around the pimple delicately.

benefit erase paste review cover red spots pimple coverage


Where did the pimple go? Very well hidden and concealed indeed!

The consistency of Erase Paste is thick and kind of sticky so it covers big blemishes very well.

Have you tried Erase Paste? What do you think?

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2 Responses to Benefit Erase Paste – 01 Fair- Review

  1. Anna says:

    I tried a sample of the Erase Paste under my eyes for a while and hated how heavy it felt. It does look like it’s great for blemishes and pimples!

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