Mirenesse Vibralash Mascara – Review

My lashes are long and pretty well populated but a lick of mascara always makes a huge difference to my face. I’m sure you would notice the difference yourself no matter what your eye lashes look like.


I have had the Vibralash vibrating mascara by Mirenesse in my make up drawer for about a year now since it was given to me at the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend. My mascara ran out and I thought it was time to give this mascara a try. To be honest the thought of using a vibrating mascara sort of scared me. I pictured it jiggling all over my face and getting it in my eyebrows and things. Oh crazy me.

Press the little black button on the bottom of the lid of the mascara to experience 3 speeds of lash vibration. The first speed is a bit slow, the second speed is best and the third speed is just too fast and weird and ticklish. I feel a bit weird using the vibration and get a bit worried that my housemates must think something odd is going on in my room when I turn it on. The mascara applies well without using the vibrating function but honestly the vibration does help application beyond my earlier concerns.

The brush is a great long brush with sort of short bristles that are made of silicone I assume. They grab lashes well and coat fully. The formula contains organic waxes, panthenol and collagen spheres to help separate and elongate lashes. It sure works.

Green eyes mascara mirenesse vibralash review beauty chattette

Taking the mascara off is a breeze. This is a sleeve mascara that comes off very easily with just plain warm water, face washer and a gentle wipe down the lashes. It doesn’t clump and just seems to dissolve off with the water. So nice!

mirenesse vibralash mascara review eye lashes close up

In the first 3 days of wearing this mascara I received 3 comments about my lashes. One asked me if I was wearing fake eyelashes and someone else asked if I had done something different with my eyes because they looked amazing and another asked what mascara I was wearing. You know something is going right when you get comments like that!


This mascara retails at $49.95 from the Mirenesse website. Personally this is wayyyyy to expensive for my pocket just for mascara even though it is very good. Definitely one of the best mascaras I have ever used and worth a shot if that price range is in your budget.

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