Beautiful Haircut with Kate Middleton Curls – Biba Camberwell Review

I have very thick and wavy hair. Every since I can remember people have complimented me on it and my mums friends always asked if they could take it and make a wig out of it when I was younger (caused me to freak out and cry wondering why such nice ladies wanted to scalp me)

I have wanted beautiful Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton waves in my hair for a while. I’m pretty bad at styling my own hair I must admit. I just pop it in a bun (if I’m super lazy and haven’t had time to tame these crazy locks) or I straighten it with a ceramic straightening iron.

In my time living in Melbourne I have seen numerous ladies walk out of Biba hair salons with exactly the beautiful hair I have been desiring. Both in Gertrude st and Camberwell Biba Salons. I have never seen women walk out of a salon and look so beautiful. That’s how much their hair struck me. Most hairdressers cut hair and never finish it off well with the blow wave. The blow wave is my all time favourite part of a hair cut and I could tell that Biba took great pride in how their clients looked when they walked out of the salon.

I decided the time had come to see Biba myself and get the look I have always wanted.


Wavy hair kate middleton cut blow wave most beautiful hair 2

Now all I need to do is learn how to straighten and curl my hair like this myself! I love it! So beautiful! Tania did a fabulous job at Biba Camberwell and was super quick because she knew exactly what to do and cut a series of low layers. This cut cost $80 which is quite reasonable for Melbourne standards I think. Totally worth it for such a beautiful result!

What do you rate this look?

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One Response to Beautiful Haircut with Kate Middleton Curls – Biba Camberwell Review

  1. You are absolutely right – your hair looks beautiful. You look gorgeous in these photos. Good luck with re-creating the look at home. I am sure you will be fine 🙂

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