Benefit The POREfessional pore refiner – review

In recent years my skin has developed larger than normal pores and I now have little frown lines and nasolabial lines that I never had before. Blast you old age! Bring back my beautiful peaches and cream skin! Booo hoooo!

I have been eyeing off the Benefit POREfessional pro balm that minimises the appearance of pores for a while now. I gave it a little squeeze at the Myer counter a few months ago and was surprised by its silky feel. It’s like nothing I have felt before and I thought it could just be what I needed to bring back my smooth skin. It also has a delightful lemony scent. MMM fresh!

Check out how cute the packaging is too! I like that the Benefit SpyGirl comes with her “Pore -zapping ray gun”. POW POW! Goodbye pores and fine lines!

I gave Benefit’s The POREfessional a shot and I’m loving it. You can put it on under or over makeup. I like to put it on after my moisturiser as a primer before I put my make up on. I apply it to my t-zone where the lines and pores are.

POREfessional is a skin coloured type balm that blends in well and mattifies the skins appearance instantly. It’s silky, light weight and contains vitamin E which protects skin from free radicals..

Just dab it on and use your finger to pat lightly. I go round and round in circles on my skin to try and work it into every crease and pore. You’ll feel it sort of turn to a powdery finish. I usually wait a minute to make sure it’s ready then I apply my foundation on top. I have found that my foundation doesn’t glide on as smoothly as with a normal primer, but it still applies nicely.

Here are the before and after shots. Both taken with make up free skin (see my silly red pimple thing and my ugly freckly sun spots)


You can clearly see that my skin is much much smoother, softer, mattified and is more evenly coloured after applying Benefit POREfessional. It doesn’t hide the pores completely but it does a good job of disguising them. Once you put foundation on top you can really see the difference.

I also like to apply it to my nasolabial lines (those lines that make you look like you have an invisible moustache) and it fills them up nicely. Go away lines!

Half way through the day the lines tend to come back so just a little touch up is required and this can  be done on top of your foundation. Just pat pat pat a little of the POREfessional on and Bob’s your uncle! Smooth as a babies bum!

Benefit POREfessional Pro balm is available from Benefit counters RRP: $53. Right now at Myer there is a special POREfessional offer where you get a POREfessional touch up make up bag and Benefit SpyGirl Marvel comic when you purchase 2 or more products from Benefit, one of them being POREfessional. YAY!

Do you have pores and lines you would love to hide? What are your secrets?

*This product was provided for my consideration.


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One Response to Benefit The POREfessional pore refiner – review

  1. petapetal says:

    I really want this now. I’ve been starting to notice the same thing with my pores lately and it’s really annoying!

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