Clarins skin care cleansing routine – Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs and Water Comfort One Step Cleanser – Review

Earlier in the year I was having terrible trouble with my skin breaking out and not knowing why. My whole life I had the most beautiful peaches and cream skin. Never a blemish. Now all of a sudden at 26 my skin has a mind of its own and is being stupid and making me sad. I discovered that most of my issues are coming from dehydration so I have been trying to use softer cleaners and moisturisers

I went on a trip to Europe in August where it was humid, sweaty and hot. I didn’t wear make up for 3 weeks because I just would have sweated it off. My skin was so beautiful and dewy and fresh when I came home.

I made a stop off in Dubai on my way home and went to the Dubai Mall which is the biggest shopping mall in the world complete with an indoor skating rink. It was pretty crazy and fairly cheap.

I went to Sephora where I was looking at different cleansers. A Sales assistant approached me and suggested I try Clarins. She was a Clarins rep so I thought that obviously she was trying to sell me her product which would be considerably more than the product I was looking at. I had had a dream a few weeks before about going to an event where Clarins had a skin care counter and everyone was using their things and it fixed their skin so I thought I would listen to this sales assistant and take her advice. My skin was perfect and lovely at this point in time so I had to explain to her what happens when I’m back in Australia with pimples and blocked pores.

She suggested that the cheap face wash I was using was drying my skin which would cause pimples. She advised me to buy the Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs and the Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser with Peach Essential water to use as a toner. She suggested that the Water Comfort Cleanser would make a nicer toner than the Clarins products that are actually named “toner” because this one has a much nicer scent and would do the same thing. Both of these together cost me just under $60 which is cheaper than they were in Duty Free in Australia and cheaper than purchasing at a counter.

The milky consistency of the cleansing milk is much better than a foaming facial wash for my skin because it retains the skins moisture rather than foaming it all off.

She talked me through the steps.

First I wash my make up off with a face washer and water. Then I take the Cleansing milk and put about a 20c size squeeze on my hands and rub them together. Then pat the milk onto my face with little tapping patting motions. I only do this for a few seconds and then wipe it off right away with a tissue. It’s amazing the extra gunk that it takes off the skin that plain water doesn’t remove!

Next up I put a little of the Water Comfort Cleanser on a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. Even more gunk and make up comes off my face! Amazing! I then give my face little pats with my fingers. I then apply moisturiser.

The sales assistant suggested that I purchase the Clarins Serum and Intense Moisturiser but kindly gave me some samples to try before I bought them. I’ll admit I gave them a try and they were alright but didn’t do anything special for my skin and I didn’t feel they hydrated enough.

The 2 Clarins cleansing system products that I’m using are working well and I am quite happy with them. I will keep using them and recommend them to anyone looking for a good skin cleansing routine.

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