Help me! What am I doing with Base and Top coat?

I like nail polish. I really do. I always have some colour on and when it starts to chip or grow out I get sad.

A few months ago I decided to buy some top coat in the hopes that it would stop chipping. I went to Daiso (a cheap store that sells Japanese products) and bought a no name brand for $2.80.

It didn’t do what I wanted and when I painted it on it seemed to take some of the colour I painted on with it. That’s why the liquid is now a little pink. It also made my nail polish too thick which meant that the slightest bump took the paint off

So I put it down to being a bad brand.

Last week I decided to try my top coat and base coat adventures again. This time I purchased Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top coat.

I followed the instructions on the bottle and painted a base coat. I waited a few minutes for it to dry and then painted on my favourite red Orly nail polish. I let that dry completely. Then I painted on a top coat.

Oh dear. The Sally Hansen did what the Daiso varnish did. It started to take a little bit of the paint below with it. It took forever for my nails to dry and they again started to chip.

What am I doing wrong? Do you use base and top coat?


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3 Responses to Help me! What am I doing with Base and Top coat?

  1. nadia says:

    Seche Vite top coat. You will never look back 😉

  2. I have found the brand of base and top coat that I use makes ALL the difference in my manicures. For me, the BioSculpture base coat is the best, but I know a LOT of people swear by either CND sticky or Orly Bonder (neither work particularly well for me). Seche Vite is pretty much the best top coat I have ever used, but if you get it, I recommend getting the Seche Restore as well – It helps you make the most of the Seche Vite when it inevitably starts to thicken in the bottle.

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