Fixaderm – how to cure heat rash and many other skin issues naturally

I have had weird heat rash on my foot for a while now. Gross I know! When I went to Europe a few months ago it was stinking hot and my skin on my hands and feet came out in itchy blisters.

I usually get heat rash in hot weather so I packed the cortisone cream the pharmacist gave me last summer. Thankfully I did but it really didn’t help. It stops the itch but doesn’t get rid of the rash or heal it.

I went to the chemist in Italy and used my phrase book to point to words to tell them I had a rash that was itchy and showed them my hands. The chemist again recommended cortisone cream but since I had some I didn’t buy it. I asked him if there was anything else I could do to get rid of the rash but he said no. I asked my dad who likes natural medicine and he said that I should eat lots of watermelon and not eat salty meats like ham and prosiutto. I did what he said and it started to clear up.

So I’m back in Australia  now and it’s been pretty cold here so I have no idea why this weird rash is on my foot. Thankfully the nice people at Fixaderm sent me a bottle of this miracle product to try. Best thing is that it’s 100% natural!

I rub a little bit of the oil into my foot every morning and night and the rash is slowly disappearing! Yippee!!!

Fixaderm is made in Australia with a variety of natural ingredients such as Rose Hip, calendula, tea tree oil and lavender.

It’s great for relieving skin conditions such as sun burn, cuts and scratches, insect bites and stings, chafing, prickly heat, fungal infections, acne and pimples and scars and stretch marks.


This little bottle can fix so many problems. It smells great and profits form sales of Fixaderm are donated to educational and community health projects in Queensland helping those that are less privileged.

I strongly recommend that you get a little bottle of Fixaderm for your medicine cabinet this summer when the bugs start biting, the heat rash starts, the chaffing begins and the sunburn pricks!

Fixaderm is available at selected health stores, chemists or from

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2 Responses to Fixaderm – how to cure heat rash and many other skin issues naturally

  1. Kimmy says:

    Never had problems on my feet but I do get unexplained bumpyness on my upper arms and legs sometimes. Apparently it’s really common and affects 40% of the population. Must give this a little try, seems like a cute little miracle treatment!

  2. Chloe says:

    I’ll make sure to pick a bottle up next time I’m out, I’ve been suffering from a lot of skin issues this year 😦

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