Body wash a go-go

I am a big fan of body wash. Some people use a dirty old cake of soap in the shower that smells like nanna’s bathroom and looks like something you’d find in the corner of a youth hostel shower (I should know after backpacking Europe).

Body wash smells better than soap, is more hygenic, wont get nasty hairs caught on it, wont go slushie and leave scum in your shower and wont dry your skin (if you are using the right ones). I love body wash because it gives your skin a beautiful light scent to start the day (perfect if you forgot to squirt some perfume on), the good ones help to moisturise your dry skin and also I like to use it as shaving cream too. Works like a charm!

Lets take a look at a few of the best body washes on the market at the moment:

Aveeno – Skin relief body wash

Great for sensitive skin, this Aveeno product contains triple oat complex which soothes the skin and relieves itchiness. Great for skin that is chapped or chafed. Beautiful and kind to your skin and contains no fragrance.

Johnson’s Body Care – Natural Glow

This is a 1L HUGE pump pack from Johnson’s! Imagine this in your shower! This is so great it will last you a half year and is only $9.99. Not only will it last you a super long time, this Natural Glow variety contains jojoba oil and shea butter which is easily absorbed and helps to condition the skin to keep it healthy with a beautiful glow.

Imperial Leather Foam Burst- Passionflower and Jojoba

I love this stuff because it is fun. This is a small sample bottle but it normally comes in a bigger bottle. Just squirt a little bit and rub your hands together. FOAM! Rub it all over and smell fantastic. This scent is my favourite but it’s not the greatest value for money in my opinion.

Dove – Nourishing Body Wash

Another pretty big bottle. Smells amazing (scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena) and is good value. It’s proven to hydrate and nourish skin.

Pure Therapy – Gentle Soap Free Body Cleanser

This is a small sample bottle I was given some time ago. This product is good for super sensitive skin and those with eczema. It moisturises for 24 hours

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