The secret to a great bum in jeans

Recently I returned from a beautiful European holiday. There are many photos of me looking hot and sweaty with disgusting hair and my “holiday shorts” and “tourist hat” that really aren’t the best representation of myself but when on holidays you need to be comfy right?

Anyway, so I was looking at photos of my time with my amazingly beautiful “cougar” friend in France.

My butt looks horrible in my jeans. That is what I learnt. I have a flat pancake for a bum as it is but these cheapo Zara jeans I own have giant pockets on them that have no pocket stitching detail. Seems like the emphasise the fact that my butt is almost non existent.

Look at my beautiful friends bum in her jeans with small pockets. AMAZING! No wonder men were coming out of shops to dance with us and kiss her hand!

Lesson: Small pockets on jeans make your bum look good.

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