Kiko Milan – Colour Correction Concealer Wheel review

I’m back from my glorious holiday through France, Switzerland and Italy!

I discovered an Italian make up company called Kiko which I had never heard of before but they had quite a number of stores throughout Italy. They had pretty cheap prices too and a huge range of products. Anything you can think of!

The security guard got mad at me for taking photos so I had to stop 😦

look at all of those beautiful Italian cheap cosmetics!

I caved and bought a 5 colour concealer wheel which only cost 12.50 Euro from memory (About $14). I have always wanted to try purple and green shades of concealer and thought this was a good opportunity.

The case reminds me a bit of the packaging MAC uses. It’s a black matt finish and gets finger prints on it easily. It is a lovely little case with a mirror and is easy to close and open.

The concealer itself is a really strange texture. It’s sort of a powder but not a powder. When I played with it in the shop I wasn’t sure how to use it so I tried my broken Italian on the shop assistant who let me have a play with a soft brush and the concealer wheel. I tried using a similar brush that I have here at home but it didn’t work as well as the brush she let me try which was also an eyeshadow/concealer brush. It was very soft and kind of wide. She said I could also use my fingers if I needed.

Here’s what Kiko cosmetics say about each shade:

Beige: neutralizes dark under-eye circles in the lightest complexions and conceals brown spots thanks to the creamy texture with adjustable coverage.
Lilac: a gliding formula that revitalizes and corrects dull and sallow complexions.
Warm Beige: covers and corrects dark circles in dark and olive complexions with a blendable and even film.
Green: reduces the visibility of rosacea and pinkish discolourations with a blendable texture and a medium coverage.
Pearly Illuminating Powder: creates points of light on the cheekbones, center of the forehead and the chin, bridge of the nose, eyebrow arch and in’the inner corner of the eye with a velvety film and a radiant finish.

Yes it’s not the best picture. Highlighter up the top (you cant see it is a bit sparkly), Lilac, Warm Beige, Green, Light Beige.

I tried applying it with my brush but it was difficult. I have just washed my brushes and I thought they were dry but maybe not dry enough…. I’m not sure. I used my fingers and it seemed to work better. As I mentioned before the texture is strange. It’s sort of like a powder and a mousse. It’s very different to any type of concealer I have tried before but is very light and easily blended. It has a powder finish on the skin and I find that it accentuates fine lines and cracks which isn’t so great but put it on under or over your foundation, which ever works best for you.

You can see on the left side of my face I used the concealer wheel on my make up free skin. I used the green (which is very subtle) on my cheek to minimise the redness and down the side of my nose. Under my eyes I used the light beige to get rid of the greyish look of my delicate skin. I put the highlighter in the inner corner of my eye and you can just see the sparkle.

In person (you cant see in the photo) the concealer has sort of settled in little cracks but when I put foundation on top I’m sure it will be ok.

From this half face photo you can see how the green really did delicately eliminate the red area of my cheeks.

EDIT: To be honest, I wouldn’t purchase this Colour Corrector wheel again. I have found the product difficult to use and I don’t think it sets well on my skin.


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