What I wore to work July 19th

Another installment in what did Beauty Chattette wear to work. It’s a bit fun isn’t it.

I call this look – Cute Poppy-May. I don’t know why but that’s the name that came to mind.

Top – Coral short sleeved nylon top with cute shoulder details (that you cant see) – Portmans

Cardigan – Beige cardigan – Cotton on

Skirt – Coral pleated circle skirt – Portmans

Stockings – Polka dot black – Leona Edminson

Shoes – Black high heel closed toe leather – Tony Bianco

Again, please excuse my terrible photos from my bedroom mirror. Would you want to pose like an idiot in a room with your housemates in it? I didn’t think so!

Face – Estee Lauder Invisible fluid Foundation

Blush – Nars Orgasm

Eye liner – Illamasqua Liquid eyeliner top lash line

Eye shadow – Nvey Eco shade 172 (which is pretty much the most skin colour neutral shade you can find with a tiny amount of shimmer)

Eye Brows – Australis eye liner pencil brown (Love this for my eyebrows combed through with an eyebrow brush)

Mascara – Australis Voluptulash

Lips – Maybelline Watershine Lipstick – Rose Jam 10

Nail polish – Bijouris Paris

Again, another day with a high bun and some messy loose bits near my face to soften a bit. It also appears from these photos that I had an alfalfa sticky up bit from my bun… hmm… Oh well I think it looked good in real life.

I got a lot of comments at work from people saying I looked good and that my outfit was cute so I think that’s a high 5!

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One Response to What I wore to work July 19th

  1. Cute outfit! The skirt is a lovely colour 🙂 Such pretty makeup too, love the blush and eyeliner on you.

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