What I wore to work July 18th

I work in an office and I like to mix up my work wear a bit. It’s a corporate environment and I quite like dressing up for work each day.

I walk to work which means that yes, yes I do the most horrific thing ever and wear sneakers as I walk to work. I have to! If I didn’t I would have broken feet. BUT, with this outfit I don’t need to pull out my trusty runners because I have my awesome black boots!

Top – Black turtle neck – Miss Shop

Skirt – Maroon winter skirt with black vinyl side details in the waist band – Portmans

Legs – Black tights – no brand

Shoes – Black boots with side buckles with a chunky 3cm heel – Nine West (purchased years ago in Chicago) ❤ these!

Please excuse the fact that I took these photos in my bedroom mirror as I raced to go to work. It’s embarrassing to take photos in the lounge room with my housemates around so this will have to do. haha.

I love this outfit. It’s sort of dressy casual and I am in love with my boots. They are about 6 years old and I bought them in Chicago. I can walk for hours in them without any problems.

My hair is a high bun which I’m loving. I pretty much wear a bun in my hair 85% of the year. My hair is tricky so a bun always works and looks classy, plus i’m a bit lazy sometimes.

What do you think? What do you like to wear to work?

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