Le Edge Exfoliator – Review

Do you love exfoliating? I know there are some people out there who really really love it more than chocolate cake and more than a free lunch.

I was pretty excited to be able to try the Le Edge which is an exfoliator for use on your legs, feet, arms and even your chest and back (if your a man I guess). All you need is the Le Edge and water for it to work!

It’s basically a stainless steel scraper that you scrape along your body when you’re in the shower and your skin is soft. It scrapes all of the dead skin off and can be used time and time again. Perfect for use if you use fake tan, the Le Edge will help to remove it in the best way possible. Le Edge is selling in 72 Countries and while it is an Australian product, it is only now entering the market.

I like to use it on the sides of my feet as I seem to get some build up there. I love the feeling of the scraper too (maybe i’m a weirdo). Don’t use it on any places where you have open wounds because the little scraper will get in there and ouchie. Obviously don’t use this on your face because it’s too harsh for that delicate area (plus its too wide to fit anywhere there.

The Le Edge will be available in all good beauty retailers and chemists in the coming weeks for $39.95. Look out for it!

Check out their Facebook Page for Le Edge updates

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