Tony and Guy – Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I have always heard people talk about sea salt spray but never tried it. Well, I gave the Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray a go recently and it’s really quite good! A nice scent, pretty packaging and works a treat to make a sexy beachy look.

This product, and a bunch of other great Toni and Guy products in their Hair Meets Wardrobe range, have just become available nationally in Coles supermarkets (YAY! Love getting high end products in the supermarket!).

tony and guy casual sea salt spray

The new ranges from Toni and Guy have QR codes on the back which link you direct from your bathroom (with your smart phone) to a video which explains the best way to style your hair with the product in your hand. Handy dandy! Here is the Toni and Guy video showing how to get textured waves with the Sea Salt Spray and some other Toni and Guy products. A great video for people with naturally straight hair as it shows you a technique to get some curls.

I have naturally curly hair so this product helped to enhance my natural curl. It wasn’t greasy and didn’t leave any weird texture on my hair at all. You wouldn’t have even known it was there which is exactly how you want a product to perform.

I washed my hair, towel dried it and sprayed about 12 sprays of the Sea Salt Spray on my hair. I then combed it through my hair, shook my head a little and grabbed my hair drier. I used the difuser on my dryer to help create the neat curls and scrunched my hair as I dried it.

The best way to create body and extra curl in my hair is to turn my head upside down and blow dry that way. BOOM volume hair to the max!

I pinned the top part of my hair back as I was going out but you can still see the nice curl/wave I got with the product. I have very thick hair and it is naturally curly when I use the right product like this one.

So there you have it. A great product that helps to give a casual wave and some beachy texture to your hair.

Grab this at your local Coles, Coles online or Priceline

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