Bourjois Paris So Laquer Ultra Shine Nail Polish – Review

So I have a bit of a cold and have had a couple of days off work sick. I wandered up to the shops with out make up on and feeling woozy to get some food to eat. While I was there I decided to make a quick dash into Priceline to cheer up.

I have been wanting a deep red coloured nail polish and saw this Bourjois Nail Polish on the shelf that looked just like the colour I wanted so I bought it (to add to my over flowing collection of nail polishes). I love shiny nail polish. This shade is called Rouge Diva.

This nail polish is an ultra shine and contains vinyl which I guess makes it really shiny and it is meant to last 7 days on the nails. I wasn’t sure if I should buy this or another nail polish that was a speed dry version. I love speed dry. Anyway I bought this one.

It’s Ok. It does take a while to dry so as a consequence I mucked it up a bit. I do have a few chips and all I’ve been doing is typing on my computer and sleeping really so I don’t really know how I managed that. I think it would be the vinyl in it that maybe makes it chip easy despite the face that it says it should last 7 days.


EDIT: So I like this nail polish more than I first did. I think the key is making sure you don’t stinge on the application. Make sure the brush has lots of polish on it when you paint it on and hold still while it dries. I had my polish on last week for about 6 days with hardly any chips. Very nice indeedy!

So all in all, It’s a lovely colour, nice and shiny but if you are impatient like me go and buy a speed dry nail polish so you don’t bump it and mess it up.

Bourjois Paris So Laquer Ultra Shine Nail Polish $12.95 from Priceline

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