Benefit Watt’s Up! Face Highlighter review

I have had this product for about a year now and I love it! I don’t wear it everyday but I wear it if I’m going out at night or somewhere special like a wedding. I really love it! Benefit Watt’s Up is a face highlighter with a cream to powder finish that illuminates parts of your face to highlight your features.

Just check out the cute packaging! Benefit always has cute packaging! Look! It looks like a little light bulb. awww!

One end of the stick has a little smudging buffer so when you apply the pan stick you can then smudge it into the skin with the buffer. I tend to use my fingers.

The wide pan stick applicator. Just swipe it straight on your skin

How it looks on my hand in the sunlight. This is before smudging. It is a beautiful champagne colour with delicate sparkles that illuminate your face. Absolutely glowing!

The brow and the very top of the cheeks are the best places to apply Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter when you use it on your face. I swipe it on before I put any foundation on. This is the best way and it looks super dooper natural.

1. Apply

2.Smudge with your fingers or the smudger

3. Put your foundation on top.

Benefit Watt’s Up can be purchased from Benefit counters for appx $60.

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One Response to Benefit Watt’s Up! Face Highlighter review

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for doing a review on this! I’ve been considering buying either this or high beam. Highlighters are such an easy way to make your face pop!

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