Cedel Dry Conditioner

Are you a dry shampoo lover? Well now there is dry conditioner! That’s right. It does the opposite to dry shampoo, it actually puts moisture in your hair if you have dry hair. You could us it as a leave in conditioner even. I have frizzy hair so if you also have frizzy hair this could be a good option to tame that wild beast you hold.

This Cedel dry conditioner is a foam that you leave in your hair and don’t rinse out. It contains vitamin E and wheat bran extract which is good if your dry hair needs a pick me up.

I scrunched it through my hair and it did rejuvinate it and put some necessary nutrients into it. This worked better on the ends of my hair personally. I wouldn’t put it near the roots of my hair…. well I did actually but I wouldn’t do it again because I found it was a little too oily.

Available from Priceline and selected pharmacies for $9.99

Have you used Dry Conditioner before? Is this a product that sounds like something you would use?

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One Response to Cedel Dry Conditioner

  1. Emilia Rossi says:

    Wow I have never heard of this. I tried the dry shampoo from this brown suitable from brown hair and it seem to work okay. Not the best I have tried. I might pop out today whilst doing some of my Christmas shopping and grab this can to try. Thanks for the review.

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