John Frieda Precision Foam Colour – Home Hair Colour – Review

Recently John Frieda had a competition to win one of their new Precision Foam Hair  Colours. I was really hoping to be one of the lucky thousands (yes they were giving away a lot. YAY) and sure enough I was. I was sent a coupon to redeem at Priceline and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was straightening my hair this morning and stumbled upon a patch of weird grey hairs in the bottom layer of my hair. Im only 25! Mum always told me that people with lots of thick hair start to go grey earlier. My cousin is 40 and she has only started to get greys. Not fair! Oh well lucky we have John Frieda right?

I had never coloured my own hair before so I was a little nervous but it was really easy. I have helped my mum colour her hair before with cream colours but this foam solution was easy and I loved it.

I used the helpful colour selector to find the right colour for my hair before I went to Priceline. I wanted to go a little lighter than my natural hair colour which is a dark brown so I chose 5N Medium Natural Brown. Turns out, after the colour my hair isn’t any lighter it just has some beautiful multi dimensional shiny highlights in it. Next time I will be brave and try a shade lighter. With 20 shades to choose from it shouldn’t be hard.

This new type of foaming hair dye means that you wont get patches in your hair like you sometimes can with cream dye if you don’t rub it all in properly. This John Frieda Precision Foam Colour will give you professional results at home.

So how does it work? It’s easy

You mix the developer with the colourant and gently tilt the bottle (don’t shake) to mix. Then you put the foaming despenser pump on the top of the bottle and put those sexy rubber gloves on. You squeeze the bottle in the middle and foam easily flows out of the bottle onto your palm. You need a tennis ball size of foam and start applying down your centre part. Part your hair in different places and keep on pumping the foam out and onto your hair gently massaging your hair in circles to mix the colour through.

Keep on pumping and applying all over your hair until it is really really foamy and can sit on top of your head easily.

Since I have very thick hair I was worried that the bottle may not cover all of my hair but I was surprised. I still had quite a bit of formula left in the bottle after I had finished so even if my hair was longer than shoulder length I would have easily been able to cover it.

There I am the foam head with no make up. AHHHH! By the way, the colour I got on my skin came off really easily! Hurray!

So you leave the colour on for 20 minutes and then wash off until the water runs clear. You then apply the nourishing colour locking conditioner that comes in the box and leave it on for about 4 minutes. Rinse that off, dry your hair, style it and say “WOW I LOOK GOOD”…. well at least I said that to myself…. Shiny and silky!

I used to get my hair dyed by a hairdresser but I haven’t bothered in a while. I certainly will be dying my hair at home more often now that I know how easy it is to do it with this foam dye. Loved it! It smelled great too!!! Can you tell I’m very impressed? When I went to Priceline to collect it, it was on sale for $16 so I’m not sure what it’s normal price is but it’s sure to be way cheaper than going to the hairdresser.

Do you colour your hair at home or are you strictly a hairdresser only colourer?

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One Response to John Frieda Precision Foam Colour – Home Hair Colour – Review

  1. beautyinthesky says:

    Great review! My hair goes about halfway down the back and I still had some leftover too when I used my foam. It doesn’t look like there’s much there but the foam goes a long way!

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