Ice Princess eyes – BYS Animal Instinct Eyeshadow 04 Greens – Review

The lovely people at BYS sent me this pallet of Animal instinct colours in 04 Green shades. I have never really used BYS products before because they are what I tend to associate with Cheap as Chips stores in SA. The few products I have tried in the past from BYS I haven’t really liked the quality of (namely nail polish and an emerald eyeliner), but I’m pretty impressed with these eye shadows.

You can tell they are not top quality like an Inglot or MAC shadow but I was very impressed with the pigmentation and how the shadow sat on my eyes.

I got a bit excited and swatched before I photographed the pallet so the diagonal shades should have a snake skin pattern on them…. but I swatched it off. You get the picture.

Swatches of the colours. I swatched in a weird pattern so see below for number orders.

Very nice! With flash

Without flash

With Flash

Ok so here is how I created the look and how I swatched so you can do this at home.

I didn’t use the 4th shade at all in my look. It just didn’t seem to fit with the other colours I used.

Oh yeah! Don’t you love my terrible outlines of how I created this look? Ha ha sorry they aren’t neat but you get the idea.

I didn’t use an eyeshadow brush because the eyeshadow didn’t seem like it would pick up and move well on a brush (however I didn’t try it) I used the little foam applicator that came with the pallet and it worked nicely.

So there you have it. These are what I’m calling my Ice Princess eyes. It took me 2 minutes to apply this look and I think it turned out to look beautiful! I love it! BYS is a very affordable make up brand here in Australia so you can experiment all you like with this brand and not feel shy. Play away Beauty lovers!

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