OPI On Collins Street Nail Polish – Review

I went home for the Easter long weekend and decided that I would need to wear a nail polish that would last over the 5 day time period as I wasn’t about to pack my nail polish and remover to fix any chips.

I chose OPI On Collins Street nail polish because the colour is stunning and would go with all of my outfits and also because I knew this polish would last!

My word did it last! YAY!

I wanted to take photos 1 week after first painting my nails to show just how well this polish lasts.

Of course you can see chips at the top of the nail now because It’s been a week and I did have to cut some of my nails the other day because they split with general wear and tear… but other than that I am highly impressed with the wear!

Without flash

With Flash

I describe this colour as red with a tangerine undertone and a lot of lovely gloss.

Love love love this colour!

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One Response to OPI On Collins Street Nail Polish – Review

  1. swatchgirl says:

    Oh my! I have this in my untried drawer and keep passing over it – now I think I’m def going to use it for my next manicure. Are your nails natural? Even after cutting them they’re still a lovely shape and length.

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