Revlon Beyond Natural Individual False Eyelashes – Review

False eyelashes are something that have always intrigued me. I have long lashes as it is so I don’t have any need for falsies but have been known to wear them to dress up parties and the like for a bit of fun.

The lovely people at Revlon sent me some Revlon Beyond Natural Extensions and Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive to try.

My friend has been wanting eyelash extensions for a while now so when I was sent these I knew this was something that she would love to try. She was over the moon.

Before lashes.

I was going to put them on for her and OH GOSH I tried! It was not easy. We tried using tweezers as instructed then just went with using our fingers.

My main problem was that I didn’t read the instructions properly the first time. When you put on strip eyelashes you glue them to the skin just above your eyelashes, so I tried that with these and it didn’t work.

After watching some really annoying American lady talking about how she applies her eyelashes we yelled “SHUT UP” to her and her perfect eyelash application in our frustration and re-read the instructions.

OOOOHHHH. You put glue on them and then stick them TO THE EYELASH!!! Did you get that? TO THE ACTUAL EYELASH. Once we did that it was easy peasy and we were back to using the tweezers.

These Revlon eyelashes come in 3 lengths so you can choose a mix for your lashes. There are 70 premium lash clusters in each pack. We started by using the long ones on the outside of the lashes but my friend found them too long so we ended up using 2 mediums on the outside of the eyes and then around 6 smalls leading into the corder of the eye. The pack recommends that you use 10-15 lashes per eye but we felt that was too many for day to day wear.

The Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive is great because it comes with a little brush dipper which makes getting glue out easy. Other glues I have used you need to squeeze the glue out like toothpaste but this is definitely easier. The lash pack recommends putting some glue on some foil to dip the lash clusters in. We tried that but it dried quickly and didn’t work so we just used the glue brush to dip the lashes in with the tweezers.

So here we go. The finished product:


You can see on the bottom picture that there is some glue on the left lash but thats because she had just put that on when I took the photo. The glue dries clear and lovely.

My friend was very happy with the end result and they look very natural.

I recommend putting them on yourself rather than getting someone to do it for you. We certainly found it easier.

These Revlon beyond Natural Individual Lashes retail for $9.99.

Do you like strip or individual false eyelashes better?

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